These cattle are 100% grass fed and finished and rotated daily to fresh pasture using Savory’s holistic management. We honor them with a calm death because we believe that if something has to die, so that we may live, it better live a great life and experience a pain and stress free death.

Buffalo Share Deposit QUARTER

  • Whole Share 

    380lbs - 400lb

    Deposite: $2000



    Half Share 

    190lbs - 200lb

    Deposite: $1000



    Quarter Share 

    95lbs - 100lbs

    Deposite: $500


    • Arrives 2018 in Late Spring When Grass is Most Green
    • Weight: Approx. 400lbs (Whole), 200lbs (Half), 100lbs (Quarter)
    • Cut Quantities Listed Above
    • Expertise Butchering & Individually Vacuum Sealed Cuts
    • Breed: Black Water Buffalo
    • 100% Grass Fed on Non-Sprayed Pasture
    • EMS Score: 9-10 (Exact scoring varies on herd any given year)
    • Product ships frozen and will arrive frozen or partially thawed