BIG and PLUMP and BUTTERY, our vita-cultured turkeys are rotated around our pastures and vineyards alongside our chickens. These turkeys offer a symphony of flavor developed slowly from months of quality feed and foraging. This turkey spends its life rotated around pastures and forests and finished on vineyards post harvest. 

Heritage Small Turkey *DEPOSIT*

  • ORGANIC? Does that even mean anything anymore? Our standards are beyond organic! We follow the new 'Ecological Meat Standard', with all of our animals scoring between 7 and 10 points while the majority of other organic operations only score 3 points. We are absolutely fanatical about producing meat that is good for the environment, good for the land, and good for us. We go beyond organic, taking into consideration not only feed but the genetics, lifestyle, death, and post processing of our animals. This results in the healthiest, best tasting, meats you can find.  

    • Average Bird Weight: 10 lb. - 20 lb.
    • Breed: White Midget Turkey
    • Organic, NON-SOY, NON-GMO Feed
    • Product delivered fresh 2 days after processing, just in time for Thanksgiving! 
    • Product delivered frozen, just in time for Christmas!