100% Grass Fed on rich pasture from the time they are weaned to their last day. Our sheep are unmedicated and eat from pastures with no added pesticides or fertilizers. The meat is both tender and juicy, with a rich flavor that leaves most wondering, "Why don't Americans eat more lamb?”



LAST of the WHOLE Lamb Shares 2017

$720.00 Regular Price
$576.00Sale Price
  • Whole Share 

    42 lb. - 52 lb.

    Price Per Pound: $13

    • Arrives December 2017
    • Weight: Approx. 42 lb.
    • Expertise Butchering & Individually Vacuum Sealed Cuts
    • Breed: Suffolk/Rambouillet Cross
    • 100% Grass Fed on Non-Sprayed Pasture
    • EMS Score: 8-10 (Exact scoring varies on herd any given year)
    • Product ships frozen and will arrive frozen or partially thawed