Our smoked pork hams have amazing kick & flavor! The day you taste our pork is the day you swear off conventional pork for the rest of your life! Our pork chops are savory morsels, with a perfect marbling and lining of fat that puts 'store purchased' pork chops to shame. Our pigs spend their life on silvo-pasture, rotated around forested areas of Napa and Solano. They do what pigs do best, rooting, tilling, and foraging for wild nuts & roots while their diets are supplemented with organic grains, fruits and vegetables!

Smoked Pork Ham

  • ORGANIC? Does that even mean anything anymore? Our standards are beyond organic! We follow the new 'Ecological Meat Standard', with all of our animals scoring between 7 and 10 points while the majority of other organic operations only score 3 points. We are absolutely fanatical about producing meat that is good for the environment, good for the land, and good for us. We go beyond organic, taking into consideration not only feed but the genetics, lifestyle, death, and post processing of our animals. This results in the healthiest, best tasting, meats you can find.  

    *All meat is flash frozen and deliverd in a wood box with freezer packs.  Place in fridge to defrost.

    • Weight: Approx. 1.5 lb. - 6 lb.
    • Packaging: Flash Frozen; 1 Roast Boneless
    • Breed: Berkshire & Red Wattle Pastured Pigs
    • NON-GMO Feed
    • EMS Score: 7-9 (Exact scoring based on specfic herd breed & varies month to month)
    • Product ships frozen and will arrive frozen or partially thawed