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Purpose...  Why we exist & who we are.

We Exist to Advance Responsibility and Flavor Into The Meat Industry.

We started farming beyond organic in 2012 for families, restaurants and for ourselves. Our goal was to gather a holistic-regenerative farming team that could raise animals in a way that takes them out of factories and feedlots and keeps them on pasture. We work with the animals to significantly improve our grasslands through calculated movements which in turn add nutrients to the soil, sequester vast amounts of carbon and give the animals a life as they would experience in the wild. The result of all this hard work is the best tasting, healthiest meat in the country, with fewer carcinogens and greater nutrient density. Put simply, it's the best meat you are going to find in the country.





We are so excited and grateful to be your farmers!  Club members will have the opportunity to eat and drink with us and visit the farm at one of our epic potlucks.  We farm every day on 3 different properties but if you have any questions give us a call at 707-320-2028 and your call will be forwarded to our cell phones wherever we are.


Looking for

Farmers & Partners


Problem We Aim to Solve

     Our team, and partnering farmers, aspire to have commercially viable mobile operations that take animals out of feed-lots and factory houses, and raise them on pasture where they can move and eat the way they would in the wild. Working with the animals we aim to regenerate the soil, sequester vast amounts of carbon and produce the highest graded ecological meats in the country. Through this our families enjoy meat with less carcinogens, more nutrient density and more flavor. With customer support, we can bypass government grants and subsidies creating a system where meat production blesses the earth, honors the animals, and provides healthier better tasting meat for our families...allowing our children the opportunity to inherit a debt free and healthy future! 

Vision  &Mission For the Future

The vast majority of the meat industry (including conventional organic) is raising animals  in a way that is stressful and inappropriate for the animal, resulting in poor quality meat with increased carcinogens, expunged nutrients and lack of flavor. The current system gives the illusion of "cheap meat", as it is propped up by grants and subsidies that are currently benefiting a system that is bad for the environment, bad for the animal, and

bad for our physical and fiscal health. A better industry must be built if our

children are ever going to inherit a healthy, debt free, future. 


Values That Guide Our Decisions


See Your Farmers in Action

Inside a Pasture Coop
Grass Rangers on Pasture
Wine and Chickens
Wine for Swine Dinner
Maremma Guarding Pasture
Suisun Pickup Zone
Lovers on Pasture
Farm Dinner on Pasture
Happy Puppies in the Shop
Contemplating Flock
French La Bel Rouge
Pasture coops in Action
Raining the Flaps
Dinner on Pasture
Pigs on Pasture
Collecting Eggs
Summer Afternoon
Never too early to start farming!
Grass Ranger Coop
Store Front 1.0
Suisun Pickup Zone
Pups Resting in Shade
Hay Wagon
Hay Wagon Wine Rack!
Another Epic Farm Tour!
Pasture and Vineyards... Beautiful
Maremma Pups
Grass Farmer Honey!!!
One of our Flocks
Farm Tour
Grass Rangers
Sheep Skin Rug
Humble Smile
Our Hero
Farm Work = Dirty Work
Favorite Customers!
Repairing the Tractor
Overlooking the Farm
World Record 17 Pups
Sibling Photo
Farm John & His Maremma Pups
Best Friends
John's Favorite Pup
Wine on Pasture
Club Members Helping Us Farm
Young Flock
Moving Coop to Fresh Pasture
Pasture Coops
The Pickup Zone
All for a blade of Grass
Regenerative Farming
Spring Pasture
Spring Lamb
Big Family
First Night 17 Pups
New Sheep Dogs!
Dog Pile!
17 Puppies
First Day on Pasture
Friends for Life
Gift Bags on Pasture
Turkey Time!
The Fox and the Hog
Grass Farmer Kitchen
Potluck Toast
Red Wattle and Berkshire
Another Potluck
Saving Pigs From the Factories
Rainy Day
Nicole the best guard Dog
Spring Pasture Movements
Potluck Setup
Protecting Baby Chicks
Waiting to be let out!
Gaby on the Tractor
Happy Buffalo
French La Bel Rouge
Farm Kitchen
Pasture Ranger Coops
Grass Farmer Honey
Moving Coops
First Day on new Pasture
Hay Wagon Tour
One of our favorite club members!
Guarding the Feed, Bravo!
First Day on Pasture
Moving Buffalo
Farm Tour With the Kids
Spring Lamb
Store Front (Club List)
Gaby with New Chicks
14 Piglets
Feeding Chickens
Feeding in the Vineyards
Pillow Talk
Evening Eating on Pasture
ORSO (Bear)
An Amazing Crew
Chickens out Front
Beautiful Evening on the Farm
First Introduction
The Pasture Fleet
French La Bel Rouge
New Batches of Chicks
Trend Against GMO's
Farm Dinner

Video's That Will Make You Smile


An Introduction to Our Farm and Values

Famous 17 Puppies First Day on Pasture!

Saving Baby Buffalo From the Veal Market

Older Buffalo Frolicking on Fresh Pasture

Sheep Dog Tackels Farmer John

Moving Our Sheep to Fresh Pasture

Why We Inspect Our Pastures for GMO Alfalfa

How Food Affects Our Families

Common questions answered.


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